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August 9, 2013
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TES V: Altmer by Jortagul TES V: Altmer by Jortagul
Passport photo, lol
love altmers :heart:
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felrokker Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I find this painting completely incredible. Not because of the technical execution, which is of course masterful, but that alone would not be enough. There's just something about the facial expression that gets me. Something so distinctly Altmer in this teensy smirk, but at the same time a warmth and friendliness in the look in his eye. This face talks to me. When I look at this painting, I feel like I know this person. I feel his character. To paint well, that many people can do, but to capture something about a person with such relatable liveliness... I think that very exceptional. 
Sharquelle Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is one of the most realistic Altmer I've come across on DA! :heart: He looks just how I picture them to be. His facial features are great, you have really managed to capture that non-human look without making him look strange or unnatural. Very impressive I love it... and now that I am lurking your gallery and find myself confronted with all sorts of beautiful work I better hit that watch-button cause OMG your entire gallery is filled with super-quality pretty stuff! :+fav+devwatch:NewYorkKid618 
Jortagul Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know how to answer you...) I'm very thankful for your words, really. They make me happy. :hug:
Sharquelle Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That makes me happy as well! :hug:
JobraRa Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
о боги... кажется я возвращаюсь к этому рисунку несколько часов кряду... и видимо я не собираюсь закрывать эту вкладку. Мне казалось, его лицо такое доброе и теплое.. потом казалось, что оно надменное и наглое.. теперь снова доброе. Люблю альтмеров. А эта гнида выглядит просто как бог! 
Офигенный рисунок, спасибо))
BeardedBovel Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Altmer isn't the TES race closest to my heart but with the new elven look they've started to grow on me. What really strikes me about this piece is that you have kept to that design and still made a more broad-chinned and chiseled look. To me this looks like prince charming of Alinor and it's a very good thing!
SeeMara Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
И почему у меня мужчины подобного типажа, хищные и мужественные, вызывают неконтролируемое "уимими"? =D
AyomaHideki Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful :D
looks like a oil painting

By the way ignore "Surinen" it's a spamer
he insults everyone with very strange reasons
LordSurinenIII Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
I approve of this wonderful image. an Altmer, a beautiful sight
Jortagul Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you.)
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